Saturday, June 30, 2007

Packing, packing, and OH! how wonderful! more PACKING!

I just spent the last 3 or 4 hours packing some boxes for our move. And i feel like i hardly made a dent. *sigh* Boy, do i ever dislike the moving process. The worst box so far was the dish box i just did. Those take forever because of all the wrapping. My favorites are the book boxes - they go pretty quickly. As of today, i have almost all our books packed up. Which was quite a feat, considering we have about 5 bookcases full, including cookbooks. Plus the random laying-around-because-someone-is-in-the-middle-of-reading-me books.

I did get to do a little stamping this morning, though. I made a card for an upcoming wedding, which i will post (after i give it!) at some point. I also started a couple more turquoise and white bookmarks to finish up the cardstock i cut for my open house events.

The other day i started working on the design for our "just moved" notes. My first design was very cute (if i do say so myself). It would have been one piece, not folded, with our new address printed on the back:

but then my husband mentioned who he'd like to send them to, and it's a LOT of people! There's NO stinkin' way i'm making 80-90 of the above. It took me an hour and a half to make SIX of them for a swap! So i came up with a simpler design. They'll be something like this:

I chose the yellow because i have yellow envelopes already, and the green because i thought it looked fresh and summery with the yellow. However, my (possibly colorblind?) husband said my color choice was perfect because we're "moving to a green and yellow house". Now, folks, our new house is indeed green, but it's green with creamy off-white trim. NOTHING like the "Yoyo Yellow" on the card. When i informed my hubby of this, he said that at least the green (Garden Green) was the same green as the house. It's not, but he didn't seem to really believe me about that part, and hey, if it makes him think i'm clever, then he can go on believing it, right?!

I chose the Loads of Love stamp set because it's cute, but also because my sweet but misguided husband (who has never moved an entire household) had originally suggested that we save money on a truck rental by using his little Tacoma pickup for the move! I think we have now agreed not to do that (*phew*! close call!) but this stamp set with the stuff piled in the back is a reference to that idea. Oh, if only it were that easy - just pile your chair, lamp, plant, and one box in the back of the truck and go!

Earlier today i cut all the brown cardstock for the base. My "did-some-packing" reward for later tonight will be to stamp the truck & its load. The rest will have to wait until my Stampin' Up! order comes in since i didn't have enough of the green and yellow on hand.

Well, the next box is waiting to be packed, so it's back to work for me!


Alison Shiloh Wear said...

lookin' good. i like your final design, superstamper.

Melissa said...

Oh, but actually i forgot! That's not the final final design. I'm switching the words to the bottom as our dear friend Claire suggested. It's such a small change, but it looks better that way for some reason.

Char said...

Hey Melissa

Wow, you make me feel guilty for not even getting ONE BOX yet, leave alone even packing. Well, actually, my mom brought me a few boxes. So maybe tonight I should sit and pack up the bookshelves in the dining room. That way I can ignore my guilty procrastinating conscience. For another day or two at least. Good on your for getting packing.

What a horrible job. But somebody's gotta do it. And this time, that lands up being me. Seeing as my hubby is already chasing kids around on the farm. Lucky bum.

Good luck with those boxes!