Saturday, June 2, 2007

a busy Saturday

Well, the husband is away today, which for some reason inspires me to get a lot of stuff done. Good thing, because i have a list a mile long! I have a pile of things to do for my first SU open house next week, plus a little work for the invitations i got hired to create, plus general house cleaning, topped off with doing a little packing! (we're moving this summer, and i have a huge pile of empty boxes taking up space in my dining room.) *phew*

I've been pretty productive this morning. Hopefully i can keep up my momentum for the whole day and just plow through my list!


Alison said...

I get that same momentum when I have the house to myself sometimes... hope the invitations are going well!

Char said...

Hi Melissa
I found your blog via a link on Alison's blog! Glad I did. I LOVE your cards! Soooo pretty. I used to have a wedding stationery business, but found I couldn't make profit because I'm a stickler for detail (and a tad of a perfectionist) so they were taking me way too long to make... :o( But I loved it, and still love admiring other people's handiwork! I'll be back for some more ogling, if you don't mind! :o) Cheerio, from over the seas.