Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Wedding Day!

Yesterday was a very special day around here because our dear friends Wendy and Michael tied the knot. Yes, they were one of the many 7-7-07 couples, although they did not set the date before meeting one another, or get married at one of 7 Walmarts, or any such craziness.

It was a beautiful day for it, the bride was breathtakingly gorgeous, and the groom was proud and handsome. I really am so happy for them...Wendy and i have been very close friends for many years, and I am so glad that God brought Michael into her life. I think they'll be great companions for one another on life's journey.

Anyway, i promised that i would post a scan of their wedding card after i had given it to them, so here it is!


Char said...

Hey Melissa
Love the card you made for them! It's so bright and happy and lovey-dovey. Incidentally, my hubby and I got married on 01-01-01 at 10 o clock! haha...

Alison Shiloh Wear said...

lovely! is that embossed? you are a patient crafty lady!

Melissa said...

Thanks, girls!

Yes, it's embossed, but it was WAY easier than it looks. The swirls are one of those big background stamps, so i only had to stamp that twice. I embossed that, then embossed the words. I put the strip with the words in that particular spot to cover up the seam created by stamping the background stamp twice.

I chose the red because that was their wedding color, but i really was very pleased with how the silver looks against the red.

Very cool about YOUR wedding date/time, Char! Love it!

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